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What Is A Personal CFO?

Whether building your own business, working as a successful professional, or nearing retirement, you work hard to meet the demands that business and your career inevitably bring. Your personal household is also important business, and as the CEO making numerous decisions daily, your finances should work for you.  As your Personal CFO, we are here to support the life you’ve built, cut through the noise, and make sure your financial house stays in harmony as the picture changes.  This allows you to devote your time, passion, purpose, and focus to what matters most to you.


Why Would I Want A Personal CFO?

In your financial life, you may already have an attorney, a CPA, a wealth manager, and an insurance specialist, but do these individuals ever talk to each other when making recommendations? Without capturing and considering all aspects of your financial picture, costly mistakes can be made and pertinent tasks left undone. As your Personal CFO we take a big picture approach to managing and coordinating all aspects of your finances.  We streamline the intricacies of your financial life, and create strategies customized to your unique needs.  For a detailed list of our services, visit our "What We Offer" page.

What We Offer

What are 3 Key Characteristics to Look for When Choosing a Personal CFO?

  • They Use a Defined Process to Address Your Full Range of Needs:
    Beyond traditional aspects of financial planning, we confront the numerous other challenges that impact your long-term financial picture and the changing needs of your family and business structure.
  • They Look Beyond Your Finances:
    As your personal CFO, getting to know you is the first and most important step in our discovery process. You are not summed up by your financial statements or tolerance for risk.We want to know about your values, aspirations, passions, worries, and pressing pain points when it comes to managing your finances. What does peace of mind look like for you? Looking ahead 12 months from now, what would success look like in terms of us working together? By getting to know you we get to listen for what’s most important to you. This is the core to any comprehensive planning and guidance that follows.
  • They Work With a Team of Specialized Experts on Your Behalf:
    When a financial advisor assumes various roles of planner, money manager, insurance agent, and often other roles, they are not able to be the focused advisor and leader their clients need them to be. As complex needs arise, most financial advisors have not been trained in these highly specialized fields and therefore are unable to be all things to their clients. We join with the best to provide the best for you. Only a fully functioning team, not an advisor acting alone can deliver this level of service. Meet the Advisory Council that is helping us redefine financial service. 

Advisory Council

How is SFT Different from Other Firms?

One of the distinguishing benefits of working with our team is our unbiased, best in class, independent team of experts who will also work with your existing advisors when needed. As an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, with a fee only business model, we are also able to provide sound comprehensive service that is free from conflict of interests. Our business is not predicated on selling a product, or following a traditional assets under management model. With a fiduciary focus on your best interests, we do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales. To learn more about our pricing model check out our Flat Fee Structure.

Fee-Only Pricing