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Jennifer Ferguson, CFP®

Jennifer Ferguson, CFP®

CEO & Founder

After graduating from The University of Central Florida with a degree in Liberal Studies, Jen’s passion for financial service emerged. With a commitment to provide clients with distinguishable financial planning, she earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, designation and integrated a comprehensive approach to all aspects of her work.

After a long career in financial planning, Jennifer sought to create a business model that shifted the focus from selling products to one of real partnership and service. She founded Symphony Financial Team in 2012 to offer busy professionals a transformative experience when it comes to managing their financial lives.

As CEO, Jen leads both the internal team and Advisory Council of Best In Class Experts to deliver fully coordinated planning to clients. Her primary role is to ensure all aspects of your financial house are in order and kept that way. She partners with you to map out and execute your vision for the ideal life you want to live. Acting as your “Personal CFO”, Jen follows a philosophy of servitude and approaches this role as she approaches life; as an opportunity to make a positive difference.